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A book’s profit margin, a key to understanding your revenue potential

Becoming full-time writers is the dream of many authors that juggle between a full-time job and their time dedicated to...

Defining your market as an author

Even though we would like to think that anybody would be ecstatic to read our books, the reality is that...

How Professional eBook Writing Services Are Turning Aspiring Authors into Stars? – Foreign policy

Wesley Jones always wanted to self-publish a book about his experience growing up as an orphan in southern California. However, a busy schedule and a lack of writing skill had him second-guessing himself. While most authors are expected to have some writing experience, in general, a growing number of eBook writing services means that that experience is no longer required.



Everything we do is related to how we perceive and react to the world around us. It affects the decisions we make, how we interact with our environment and how we communicate with friends, acquaintances, and even strangers. Since perception is related to the infinite decisions we make daily, it is reasonable to say that how people perceive your books and your brand will affect your sales performance. People take about two seconds to make a decision to stay or move on into the next best thing. Are you capitalizing those seconds?


Mastering the perfect sales pitch is a must-have skill for any marketer as well as any upcoming author. Knowing your product (in this case your book) is not enough to be able to communicate to the reader why they should buy your book. Why should they care about the story and the characters you created? You should consider what is the reader in your genre looking for in a book. Put your reader first. What drives them to buy books? Is it the characters? The storyline? The topic? Then consider how your book satisfies that need and start crafting your pitch.

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