In your journey to become a bestselling author is very likely that you have encountered more than one individual talking about how you should be conscious about your brand and how your brand can assist you in achieving your sales goals. But unless you are currently working in marketing, advertising or public relations, the concept of branding and its importance can be extremely confusing.

Putting in simple words, your brand can be a combination of your name, signs, symbols, designs or even a term that identifies you and your books to your readers and helps differentiate you from other authors.

A brand has the capacity to ignite feelings, and help you start to cultivate relationshsips with your fans, projecting your personality as an author and the quality of your stories. The way readers perceive your brand will affect what they think, feel and do depending how your brand resonates with them.

Don’t know where to start to create your brand? Here are four steps to guide you through the process:

Step 1 – Determine who are you. Who are you as a writer? What moves you to write to create your stories? How do you stand out from other writers? This will be your brand identity.

Step 2 – Determine your brand meaning. Identify and communicate what your brand stands for. Are your books and writing style meeting your reader’s expectations? Can they identify with you or your work? Are they getting what they are looking for on your novels?

Step 3 – Determine what is your readers response to your brand. What do they feel and think about you? Think about how they response to the quality of your writing or your stories?

Step 4 – What is the relationship this brand creates between you, and your reader. What is the type of relationship you would like to have with your reader? This step is about loyalty, engagement, the sense of community and attachment to your work.

Going through these four steps will help you determine all the facets of your brand and your own expectations regarding your career as an author and how you want to be perceived and recognized. with this information you are now armed with the necessary tools to start developing your brand.


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