Channel relationships are vital for any successful self-published author. Those channel relationships are the interactions or affiliations you would have with your book distributors, book store owners/ managers, library book buyers and so forth.

A good relationship with your channel can help the placement of your book within the store or library, the number of books sold and frequency as well as the pricing and special promotions. Taking time to establish and maintain those connections can also provide you with insights they might want to share about their customers, their needs as channels and possible issues that might affect the sale of your books.

When first contacting a new channel, be sure to listen as much as you are giving information. Turn the exchange into an opportunity to create a productive and beneficial connection where both you are satisfied with the results.

In case of conflict, solve the issue as fast as possible taking into consideration both sides of the conflict.

Like any relationship, a business relationship takes time to grow, and a lasting channel can prove to be an essential part of the success of any book launch or follow-up sales.


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