Should you use a book distributor?

The idea of holding your book in your hands has shifted with the rise of ebooks and the closing of many bookstores. Even with all these changes printed books are still a market that we should not ignore. The opportunity to sell our books it’s still there. However, the competition to place your books on the shelves is fierce and is not something that you should take on by yourself.

Just like many traditional publishers, you can also use book distributors that will help you place novel and negotiate contracts with major booksellers. A book distributor already has established business relationships with these major booksellers that they can leverage to place your book in those stores. A distributor we’ll take charge and deal within the logistics of selling to wholesalers, fulfilling orders and making sure that the product is there on time. Distributors act on your behalf, billing customers, shipping orders and finding sale opportunities for your book.

This allows you to have your printed book in stores where readers can easily find out without the hassle of storing your books, negotiating with stores across states and then fulfilling those orders.


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