Social Media Trends and how to connect with your reader

As author, we depend on social media to reach out to our potential readers on a daily basis. Social media is dynamic, accessible but sometimes challenging. Finding and connecting with your reader takes time and taking into account the following trends can help you increase your followers and maintain your current readers.

Trend #1. Build trust

Do not concentrate only in maximizing reach but develop quality content that showcases who you are as a writer. Give your potential readers the opportunity to know who you are as an author and keep in mind the audience that you are writing for.

Trend #2 Show, don’t tell

Sounds familiar? This is one of the mantras as writers and it should continue to be as authors developing our social media presence. Use visuals to share your story. Many social media platforms now have the options of creating Stories that are shareable and time-sensitive creating the urgency to not miss out.

Trend #3 Online advertising

Supplement or boost your content with targeted social media advertising. The competition for the attention of potential readers is hard and complementing your content with ads will give you the advantage over other authors that prefer a more organic promotion.

Trend# 4 Social Shopping

Don’t lose sight of your final goal, book sales. Make sure that readers can find your book. Post your link in your website and when you are promoting your book. Try the links to make sure they work and make the buying experience easy and fast.


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