Many times, as authors we think about getting our stories in the hands of our readers without taking in consideration the journey of our books starting with its production, distribution and final sale. The right channel marketing strategy for your book can have as much impact as any other part of your book launch.

A channel marketing strategy takes into account the packaging of your book (cover, book bundles, multi-author boxset, ebook or printed book), advertising, inventory and distribution logistics.

For example, for an ebook a channel marketing strategy will take into account:

  • the formats of the book based on the targeted wholesaler (EPUB, MOBI, AZW).
  • production cost, advertising costs and strategies
  • use of intermediaries for production or placement
  • potential revenue
  • method of delivery to the customer (download, KU, etc)

Ignoring these areas can result in unexpected expenses, lack of sales and reduced revenue due to poor planning. Avoid hurdles in your path to a successful book launch with a solid and comprehensive channel marketing strategy.


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