With the proliferation of influencers in the digital sphere with thousands of loyal followers, it is not a wonder that many companies and even authors seek their endorsement or product placement. But is using an influencer a good idea for your book?

Using the right influencers can be an asset when promoting your book. They can provide a third-party endorsement providing original and honest reviews of your books to followers that value their opinion. Influencers can impact the decision-making process for readers that might be on the fence about your books, style or even genre.

However, selecting the perfect person for your novels among the thousands of people that call themselves influencers can be tricky.

Here are a few things to consider:

1.    Study their posts or channels, taking note of the number of followers and the type of interaction they have with their fans.

2.    Evaluate if their image aligns with your brand. Consider the topics they talk about, how they behave and the language they use (slang, cursing).

3.    How often they post? Are those posts relevant to your readers?

4.    Do they promote other authors? How they promote them?

5.    Are they active in all social media platforms?

6.    Do they talk about controversial topics that might affect your brand?

7.    Is their channel or blog growing?

Once you select your influencer, make sure to define all the stipulations of your agreement as well as compensation and or follow-ups.


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