Deciding how much to spend marketing your book can be tricky for any author, more so if this is your first book launch. It is easy to get carried away and decide to invest in the latest trend on book promotions, but are those the right ones for you?

It is exhilarating to see the numbers of your sales going up but, are you profiting from those sales? Or are you investing too much in marketing to barely break even?

As an author –and more so as a self-published author—you have the responsibility to understand your return on investment including your branding and marketing efforts. Always take into account the following:

–    How much are you investing per sales?

  • What is your percentage of cost versus revenue?

–    Do you know which strategy is bringing more sales?

  • Is it Facebooks ads or posts in your blog? Is it the blog tours or your guest posts in other blogs? Divide each strategy and determine which triggers more sales and which doesn’t. This will help you decide whether it would make more sense to move your marketing dollars into promotions that are likely to bring you more sales.

–    Are you investing enough?

  • Are your sales low because you are not driving traffic to your sales page? Being too conservative in your marketing investment can also hurt your goals. People need to know about your book and where to find it.

–    Are your sales growing or are they stagnant?

  • If your sales are not growing or have not taken off, you might need to consider if you are using the right strategies for your specific market.

Auditing what works for you and what doesn’t is an excellent way to keep track and maximize your return on investment for all your marketing efforts. This at the end will help you increase your sales and grow your career as a successful published author.


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