Understanding the journey any reader takes before buying their next book will help any author visualize sale strategies and successfully meet their needs. A buyer’s journey is not unique to a certain type of reader or customer. It applies to all of us, no matter what we buy or how we buy it.


Identifying the need and the research to satisfy that need

A reader acknowledges their need for a story, a book or a novel that will either entertain, educate or even sooth their soul. They know what type of story they want but not the final product or title. So they start researching for the genre, known or favorite authors.


Your potential reader is now looking at specific titles based on what they found during their research. But before making a decision, they read reviews, blurbs and customers ratings. Here they establish what is their decision criteria. What does this book has to have for them to go into the next stage and buy.

Are they looking for happy endings? For a story to make then laugh? Maybe they are looking for a complex storyline that will keep them on their toes. Whatever falls into their decision criteria moves the titles from possible purchase to rejected titles.


At this point, the reader already knows exactly what they want and they are certain they have found the book that will give them what they are looking for in that story. They are full of expectations created during their journey and their likelihood of becoming loyal readers or return customers will depend on how that book is able to match that promise of satisfying the need the reader is trying to fulfill.

Knowing the reader’s journey to purchasing their next book, should give you an idea as to where are your possible touchpoints where you can influence their decision. Is it in the awareness stage, or is it during evaluation and purchase?


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