We are storytellers. Writers with a boundless number of stories to tell but when it comes to our story we freeze. We don’t know what to say, where to start. We get writer’s block because we believe that only a person with some marketing experience will be able to teach us how to write our brand story.

But building a story-brand is no different from plotting and writing your novels.

A brand story, like any fiction story you have created, tries to invite the customer (your reader) into a story where he or she is the hero and you the sidekick, the guide, that helps them in their journey. Also, like in your stories, this character has an arc, where it starts with a problem, goes after a possible solution, and at the end hopefully will avoid failures and meet with success.

The only difference is that in this arc, the hero meets you, who will guide them into action towards that goal hopefully guarantying that desired success.

For example, the reader is looking for something it take him away from his dwelling on a problem at work. He is looking for something to ease his mind, whether is a form of escape or a way to find a solution to the problem he faces at work. Here comes your work, a funny look at the typical office drama with an honest view of the different office personalities and maybe how to deal with them.

The reader is the hero, you are the sidekick that is going to guide him to find what he is looking for.

Create that story. Invite him into the journey and he will understand who you are and what your brand is about.

Use your story telling skills to draw your reader in. Let your story-brand aid you to reach out to the right people. They will then become your fans.


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