Neuromarketing: connecting to your readers at an unconscious level

Have you ever wondered why you choose one product over the other? Why some new products capture your attention more than others? How you judge products and services is based on the emotions or reactions they trigger even when you are not paying attention. Colors, images, even phrases can trigger innate reactions that don’t require a conscious though from your part. Just like when you go shopping and pick up your favorite products with a simple glance without really looking at the package, colors or even the printed messages in their labels.

You have trained your brain to like that product. You already know how it makes you feel and you don’t have to think about it at the time of purchase.

Well, we do the same thing for many other products including the books we buy.

What are the elements in a book that would make you buy it without going into a deep analysis? Is it the images in the cover? The colors? Or is it the purchase experience?

That’s what is known as neuromarketing and it is time to make it work for you.


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