Everything we do is related to how we perceive and react to the world around us. It affects the decisions we make, how we interact with our environment and how we communicate with friends, acquaintances, and even strangers.

Since perception is related to the infinite decisions we make daily, it is reasonable to say that how people perceive your books and your brand will affect your sales performance.

People take about two seconds to make a decision to stay or move on into the next best thing. Are you capitalizing those seconds?

Are your website and social media profiles reflecting who you are as an author? Is the design of your website captivating to your reader? Can your reader understand who you are and what your books are about with a glance?

Images and design create the first impression for your brand and books, the same way your appearance and/or conduct will when meeting a new person.

But, how can you guarantee that the reader has the correct perception of you?

Put yourself in their place and analyze the image you are presenting to the world, then compare it to the image you want to present.

Is your website design representative of the author you want to be? Think in terms of colors, images, fonts, and layout.

What about your books? Can I grasp what type of story it is by the cover design? Again, think in terms of colors, images, fonts, and layout.

If you are not sure what those should be, explore the authors you would like to emulate and pay attention to their design. Take into account that if they are bestselling authors, it is likely that they have a high volume of visitors to their pages which might have help on the sale of their books.

Back into your website, make a list of the things you think work and those you think can be improved and plan your changes.

For your books, consider the elements used in bestselling books in your genre as well as your own bestselling books. What seems to be the common denominator in their design? Is it the layout? The colors? Font? Then take notes for your next book cover design.

The goal is to improve the chances of creating the first impression that will encourage new readers to want to know more and current readers to come back. Because in the end, perception is everything but it can also be your best tool to attract your readers and put your best foot forward.


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