Predicting who is going to buy your book

Knowledge is the best tool and they best defense in any situation including the launch and sale of your newest masterpiece, your new book. Knowing who is your market and how they might react to this new novel can be the key to the successful planning of your sale strategy.

But what information do you need to make an accurate prediction and what exactly can you do with that prediction?

A prediction will take the behavior of your previous readers, consider what moved them to buy and see how likely they are to buy again and how likely are others to do the same.

You can use information like what ads readers seemed to prefer and what messages they responded to the most. Use the insights found in Facebook ads, Google Ads, or Google Analytics to discover links, ads or pages with the most clicks, as well as the age, income and even location of those potential customers.

This will help you define your audience and target those who are likely to buy. Then use that information to refine your campaigns to increase your potential of having a successful book launch and or book sale.


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