We all want for our books to be well received and maybe even loved by our fans, but do you know how exactly reviews affect your sales?

Stars and the types of reviews matter when a reader starts to consider your book. Your revenue can be directly affected by the stars in author profiles and book pages within sites like Amazon, Goodreads, and BookBub.

With the thousands of books to choose from, readers rely on the opinion of others to discern what books to consider, which ones to try and/ or buy.

One to two stars almost guarantees poor sales; three stars may still attract the risk takers that trust the best reviews among all the reviewers; four to five starts can highly improve your chances of for high sales.

However, the amount of reviews also affects your chances to succeed.

The more significant amount of good reviews from verified or “honest” reviewers, the easier the sale.

Readers, like many other customers, are starting not to trust all the reviews they find online under a particular book or product. Many times believing the comments can be posted by paid contributors and not reliable customers like themselves.


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