Mastering the perfect sales pitch is a must-have skill for any marketer as well as any upcoming author. Knowing your product (in this case your book) is not enough to be able to communicate to the reader why they should buy your book. Why should they care about the story and the characters you created?

You should consider what is the reader in your genre looking for in a book. Put your reader first. What drives them to buy books? Is it the characters? The storyline? The topic? Then consider how your book satisfies that need and start crafting your pitch.

A perfect pitch should include the following elements:
No more than three sentences. A book sale pitch should be brief an to the point.
It should mention the storyline, characters, and the crisis. This is where you will implement the knowledge you have about your readers.
It should compel the reader to know more. Don’t share too much, don’t share too little. Leave them with enough curiosity to look for more information, but not so concise or inconsequential that they will forget as soon as the pitch is over.
Include the story setting. Is this happening now or in the future? Does it takes place here or in another country?

Once you have written your pitch, read it out loud. Does it make sense? Does it sound like a book you or your friends will buy? If not make revisions and don’t be afraid to ask for opinions from your beta readers or fellow authors.

A honed sales pitch is one of the tools that will serve you in your career as a writer regardless of your path to becoming a published author. It gives you the opportunity to talk about your book and provide the information you need to offer whether you are in front of a reader, agent or even a potential publisher.


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