Many seasoned authors advice new riders to think about one specific reader when they’re creating their stories. They advise you to keep mind that fictional reader and what they are looking for in the book.

That same advice applies when marketing a book, but marketers take it a little bit further. Use that persona that you imagined while you were creating your novel and think about the steps they take to buy a book.

Are they the type of customer to buy the booking pre-sale? Or, do they need validation that the book is good by reviewing what others have to say about it? In other words, are they risk takers, impulsive, or cautious buyers?

Their personality and behavior at the moment they are looking to buy a book will determine the channels they use to learn more about your novel, and how they decide to purchase it.

Once you figure out, what is their journey, you will need to make sure that can be found in those channels. If they read reviews on Amazon, do you have enough of them? If they read excerpts, do you offer them?

Define your marketing channels, not by what is popular or what others think. Design your strategy with your reader in mind and your reader will find you.


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